The Story of Alec


The Story of Alec

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It is poetic but still very clear & well readable…it has a strong Druckerian flavour – exploring and developing oneself, being authentic and shaping ones role in a broader society…Your book should contribute to shape this new generation of leaders and managers.


The 68 generation had great aspirations but they ended up conforming to the system (and even shamelessly exploiting it) and forgetting about their original values.


They are up against a worn out system with an enormous resistance to change. What you are promoting is not a romantic revolution but a change that comes from inside – a new mindset that reflects on society based on values that have a long history in the humanistic tradition.


Richard Straub

President Peter Drucker Society Europe

Director of Corporate Services & EU Affairs, EFMD


Discover the Keys to A Lifetime Embracing Congruence!



The Story of Alec is a story of how Alec, an alpine parrot, managed to stumble upon a lifetime of congruence through various important stages of his life as he learns about himself and the world around him.


The Story of Alec will bring you through the various locks in life and help you get started on the process of understanding how you can free yourself from the misery of living life according to the standards and expectations of others and to start making active choices in how you can leave your own legacy in this world.


In this book, you will learn:

# Why the Standard Lock makes no sense and is the cause of false inadequacy
# How our dependency on the Approval Lock can cause undue pressure
# How the Self Preservation Lock stems from insecurity and is not in our best self-interest
# Why the Settling Lock is a passive source of doubt and a self imposed limitation
# How breaking out of the Expectation Lock can make us happier about what we choose to do




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The Story of Alec

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The Story of Alec

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